Insights from our CEO - Aashish P Somaiyaa, Chief Executive Officer, WhiteOak Capital AMC
19th April 2023 - Aashish P. Somaiyaa

There is a famous quote by the world’s richest investor, Warren Buffet that “Be greedy when others are fearful, be fearful when others are greedy.”

The India Premium
22nd January 2022 - Aashish P. Somaiyaa

India has historically traded at premium multiples compared to other emerging markets. On Price to Earnings (P/E) multiple, currently it is trading at ~80% premium based on consensus estimates. India certainly has been, and is projected to be,

Have You Seen A ‘Teji’?
3rd May 2021 - Aashish P. Somaiyaa

The stock market evoked mixed reactions through the last few months. Up until November 2020 when Nifty regained its previous highs investors watched in amazement and I am sure with a sense of relief. But my interactions suggest that the journey from breaching the previous high to crossing 15,000 in February has largely evoked disbelief.

31st December 2020 - Aashish P. Somaiyaa

New Year 2020 began with great promise. Markets were at all-time high in January 2020 with early signs of economic recovery on the back of benign macro indicators, the government’s tax cuts and RBI’s expansionary policy.